Can you distinguish between food packaging bags, aluminum foil bag, retort pouch

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Food packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, cooking bags are bags in use is common, do you understand what food packaging bags, aluminum foil bag, retort pouch, the exact use? A, 1, fresh food packaging function & emsp;   Food vacuum bag can be isolated from the air, try to keep the freshness of food, avoid food weathering. Increased the food cost, accord with the requirement of energy saving energy. 2, easy to load & emsp;   The volume of food vacuum bag is big, easy to carry out, is a very convenient packaging solution. 3, economic cheap & emsp;   Food vacuum packaging cost is very high, economy is cheap. Whether its application, still business applications, all can't be replaced. Two aluminum foil, aluminum foil bag bag material: PET, aluminum foil, PE, PET, CPP, aluminum foil. The characteristics of aluminum foil bag: resistance to rust, smothering, avoid light, high temperature resistant, can be vacuum. Spell of choice: spell over the picture, the higher the cost, according to the equipment situation to choose the appropriate specifications, can greatly reduce the loss. Adhesive selection: selection of viscous force is small, low content of solid, early invasive bad adhesive. The making craft of aluminum foil bag: glue quantity is about 1 white membrane. As full bottom 5 times, if printing or printing area is small, the glue amount should be further narrowed.   13 hours after the first time after mixing coagulation mix again a second time, product 72 hours of solidification. Never after flattening roller, aluminum foil surface after into composite roller). 3, 1, adhesive retort pouch. Resistance to high temperature cooking bags to use adhesives have very bad bond fastness, high temperature medium resistance and heat resistance. At present, most of the high-temperature cooking bags used in composite membrane is made through the type composite method. Of dry mixed with adhesive with aromatic, aliphatic polyurethane adhesives thousand polyurethane adhesives offers three to anhydride modified polypropylene suspending liquid adhesives. 2, printing ink. General ink with heat resistance, not after cooking to abscission, some color will change or fade, as long as know the food will damage the food safety. Ingeneral, high temperature retort pouch need to ink and adhesive between can produce very strong adhesion strength of hard coating. 3, solvent. Retort pouch for the choice of solvent and the quality of the ink to fusion adhesives, toxic, colorless, no smell, no residual solvent is more and more accord with food safety requirements for retort pouch. Retort pouch material selection should be based on product use of retort pouch to confirm, contains the nature packing, weight, cooking sterilization temperature and time, food shelf life, etc. Due to the different properties, USES and is different to the requirement of the quality of cooking bags, for the combination of the material structure and the quality of the printing ink, adhesives suggestion is different, and the cost is also not similar.
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