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by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
Packing in promoting the development of commodity economy, at the same time, the damage to the environment is serious. , according to the statistics data show that China's urban solid waste production is about 200 million t at or above the county level, about 1 in the United States. 500 million t, Japan is about 0. 500 million t, the developed countries accounted for about a third of the total waste packaging waste, our country accounts for about 1/10, or 20 million t every year. 。 According to Japan's investigation showed that packaging waste plastics total 37. 8%), paper (34. 8%), glass (16. Accounted for 9%, metal 10. 5%. We live in a surrounding environment, the plastic white pollution caused by the ubiquitous, according to the plastic in the degradation speed of nature, we live in a city will soon be surrounded by plastic packaging waste. To sum up, humans along with product packaging, should pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, from the simple to solve the basic functional requirements of human beings, to human survival environment conditions on various aspects of the requirements, eventually make the product packaging and the product itself, and the harmony of man and the environment to build a symbiotic relationship. Packaging industry, therefore, should strive to low energy efficiency, energy conservation and emissions reduction, causes the product to obtain reasonable packing at the same time, the solution of the recycling of waste packaging and appropriate treatment. For food packaging bags, the first thing to solve the reasonable orientation of the good products and packaging, avoid China without cold packing, priority to adopt new packaging technology and packaging materials of high performance, on the premise of guarantee the commodity use value, as far as possible to reduce packaging materials and improve the repeat utilization rate, reduce the integrated packaging to ashes; Second should vigorously develop the green bamboo shoots, ecological package bamboo shoot, the bamboo shoots of waste recycling and deal with the problem. Our country as a developing country, should avoid to the road of pollution first, then the governance in developed countries, under the condition of socialist market economy, packaging industry should attach great importance to environmental protection and ecological balance problem, priority is easy to recycle, packaging material cost, less energy consumption; Development controllable biodegradation, and light degradation and water soluble packaging materials, and at the same time of new packaging materials, synchronous launch its recycling technology, reduce the packaging to the destruction of the ecological environment to a minimum.
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