Archives is not only a mysterious kraft paper sack kraft paper bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Speaking of archives, it is easy to think of a mysterious kraft paper bag; So, where are you the pocket now? However, few people are clearly. With the constant change of personnel system, personnel file seems less of a focus. So, & other; Abandon file & throughout; The phenomenon of became commonplace. Actually file is not just a paper a few sheets of paper in the pocket. In your home, birth certificate, immunization certificate, graduation certificate, marriage certificate & hellip; … Are you personally important historical records. Perhaps, at the beginning after receive them, you just take them which drawer a plug. Ten years in the past decades, no longer can't think of them. Suzhou there is an old saying: good one thousand documents & other In medicine & throughout; 。 Don't know when, ordinary only a piece of paper, but it suddenly becomes vital, and even play a decisive role to your life. Not only is a personal, family, and even an enterprise, a street, a city, also has its own file.
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