An integral ingredient food plastic bags become food packaging system

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
As long as we can see the figure of plastic packaging come in direct contact with food. Plastic packaging was able to become an integral part of the food system, the reason is that the plastic material density is small, light can be transparent or opaque, easy to replace processing as long as the mold is different varieties of container is easy to form the mass production. But it also exists many shortcomings such as low surface hardness of plastic deformation at high temperature is easy to wear; In light of oxygen and heat oxygen degradation will become fragile; The electrostatic accumulation caused by poor electrical conductivity, even links of pollution and so on. But despite this, it brought great convenience to our life. Allen. Brody, Aaron Brody) Is a food packaging consultant, is also an associate professor of food science at the university of Georgia, according to his statement, food packaging plastic revolution began in the 1960 s. So choose plastic, because it is lighter than glass, the more firmly than paper, and cheaper. But brody also pointed out that: & other; There is no universal plastic & throughout; 。 Many of the bags, we contact is made up by different types of food packaging plastic. Our life can meet all kinds of plastic packaging, in the form of common are several: potato chips packing bag it main component is called a & other; Oriented polypropylene & # 39; ” The plastic. Brody explained: & other; It is a good moistureproof layer. ” In the packaging of chips, moisture is critical, & other; Because chips absorbed moisture will start to spoil. Wet crisps won't some people like. ” In order to further reinforce the potato chips packing bags, many inner with a thin layer of aluminum. Name of commodity and nutrition information is printed on the outer and inside and outside also sandwiched between two layers of a layer of polyethylene. Brody said, before packing sealing, most companies will be in the injection of nitrogen. “ This can prevent crushed potato chips. ” Oxygen can make fat oxidation of potato chips, produce odor, nitrogen and does not cause any damage flavors of chemical reaction. Food companies often spend a lot of time to design the packaging, the purpose is the best way to save every product they sell. This is the army. In the previous report, the army had used a kind of packaging will be sandwich freshness extended to two years. Salad bags and chips bags, namely open ready-to-eat salad vegetables bag is made of polypropylene, and also injected a pack of nitrogen. And potato chips, salad leaves are a little oxygen to breathe, this is the reason why salad bags have holes. Brody said: & other; Holes allowing oxygen to enter, carbon dioxide discharge. ” He added that these bags inside and often a thin layer anti-fog, & other; Such condensation will happen, also can let the consumer see the beautiful green leaves. ” Ice cream when making many plastic packaging barrels, producers to worry about is not only how to insulate air in the outside, and how to save water. Brody, for example, it is very important in the ice cream packing. A bucket of ice cream must be able to easily open and close, but it also must have a tight seal, the moisture locking, so as to keep smooth taste. In the refrigerator save, occasional sublimation, namely water directly from a solid into a gas. “ The moisture of sublimation once lost will not be able to recover, and loses water ice cream if desertification agglomerate. ” Brody said. Of course, as food expert Herbert. Stone said, even through a variety of research and development, most of the plastic packaging is still not in extreme circumstances to save food. Stone is a food industry consultant, the former head of the institute are food technician. Stone said: & other; Food companies in the use of plastic containers, must ensure that they do not change the taste of the food. ” He added that the plastic is not an inert material, it can react and other chemicals. And unlike many glass or metal products, it can also allow air to pass. Plastic water bottles have you ever put a plastic water bottle in the hot car put too long? It tastes mostly very strange. But different causes and you want to: this is not because of plastic chemicals from seeping into the water. Stone explained that trace amounts of air can penetrate plastic, and when the temperature increase, the movement of air will be faster. The heat will also accelerate the chemical reaction. When the chemicals react in the bottle, or react and external environment of the material, the water in the bottle will drink out of taste. Keep a bottle of soda water in a hot car, the carbonate will quickly escape from the bottle. “ The rest is not a bubble of soda water. ” Stone says, & other; Plastic is convenient, but it isn't everything. ” In addition to the technology has its limits, we use today all of the plastic packaging will also produce a lot of rubbish. In 2012, America has produced 14 million tons were plastic garbage bags and containers. Can't easily biodegradable plastics, so sometimes into the ocean, this not only hurt the creatures of the sea, even will also be contaminated seafood. Although many kinds of plastic can be recycled, those beautiful contains multi-layer plastic packaging is difficult to cycle, because in the recycling bins, different kinds of plastic is handled separately.
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