Aluminum foil vacuum bag of main materials is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Aluminum foil vacuum bag main material introduce release date: 2019 - 05 - 24 is a kind of vacuum aluminum foil bag, the packing bag of excellent performance, not only because it is a vacuum, but also because it has a vacuum to maintain performance, is the first choice for vacuum packing food materials. However, this kind of material is a kind of composite material, rather than pure aluminum foil, aluminum is a kind of metal, high strength and toughness is poor, once bent, will break, if put it with plastic composite material, it will have a high quality package performance, therefore, aluminum foil bag is a composite of a variety of materials. Vacuum aluminum foil bag after using the structure of composite material, packaging not only performance is improved, and heat sealing effect is very good also, seal the bag have very good effect. The previous: food packaging detection method is introduced next article: why choose anti-static aluminum foil bag?
Collectively, the effect of 123 on industrial society has been to eliminate aluminum foil paper manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with aluminum foil paper manufacturers.
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