Aluminum foil packaging and vacuum packaging pose a safety hazard

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
As people life level of ascension, food safety has become a hot social concern. How to guarantee food safety? How to reduce or eliminate such as cooking oil and clenbuterol event? In order to ensure food safety, the government continuously strengthen the spot check and supervision of food safety, at the same time increase the intensity of the punishments for ACTS endangering the food security; Safe food around the base of the construction, and also tried to eliminate food safety hidden trouble on source; More high-end equipment, endanger the safety of food material such as detection of food pesticide residues. Even so, the food is hardly absolute security. 【 Aluminum foil bags 】 As is known to all, most of China's food plastic packaging, even expensive airline food is not exceptional also, plastic packaging has become the important factors that affect food safety. However, according to the personage inside course of study introduces, the plastic packaging industry in our country is still in the enterprises small in scale and more, different levels of the stage, some food production enterprises in order to reduce the production cost, a large number of informal manufacturers made of cheap plastic packaging materials, these materials contain harmful substances, once encountered when it is heated or grease would be easy to release, especially for infants and young children hurt more. In recent years, due to the inferior plastic packaging and food safety events emerge in endlessly. For example, last year blockbuster zhejiang five fang zhai zongzi mildewy, is because the permeability caused by bad plastic packaging; In fujian province industrial and commercial bureau of fujian province in October last year in the field of circulation special food with plastic packaging product quality supervision and spot check, also found a lot of plastic packaging container enterprise product is unqualified. Plastic packaging, become a major food safety on the road. But the world food plastic packaging not only thorns, there are flowers. Toxic plastic packaging can bring hidden danger to food safety, but may be well qualified plastic packing have the effect of dustproof, fresh, this is our life cannot leave the cause of the plastic packaging, so choose products safe and reliable plastic packaging enterprises is very necessary.
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