Aluminum foil bags of common problems!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
Aluminum foil bag sealing side, the high temperature hot knives, sealing side is corrugate, low temperature and sealing. Pressure debugging, silicone mat leather and raw materials are changed, is still not solve, could you tell me what method? A: from two aspects to consider, a sealing side is corrugate, 2 it is not sealed. Wrinkle for sealing side, the reason: 1, is the residue of glue and ink solvent is overmuch, agglomeration in the process of hot sealing evaporation which appear the phenomenon such as bubble wrinkles; 2, the data is no heat resistance, wrinkle after high temperature hot sealing materials; 3, is the glue and ink can't heat resistance; 4, heat sealing bag making machine knife parallelism, silica gel hardness, flatness did not meet the requirements of heat sealing and heat sealing knife on a foreign body, etc. To the problem of sealing of reason is: 1, heat sealing temperature is too low and the pressure is too small. 2, the quality problem of the heat sealing material, sealing temperature is too high, perhaps unstable heat sealing function. 【 Plastic bags 】 【 Vacuum bag]
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