Aluminum foil bags based on the international market

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
The early 80 s, the compound aluminum foil bag production technology development of our country, and now although compound aluminum foil bag at a certain stage of development in China, but compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap, affect the domestic enterprise industry towards the international market, the compound aluminum foil bag in China and will be how to enter the international market? 【 Aluminum foil bags 】

at present, the developed countries has the microcomputer control, laser technology, artificial intelligence, optical fiber, image sensor, industrial robots and other high and new technology mature used in packaging machinery. And compound aluminum foil bag machinery equipment in China want to foothold in the international market, not just rely on the development of advanced technology, we also need to intensify efforts to change to the equipment to conduct a comprehensive new, again make equipment technology, automation technology comprehensively, from set out actually, the introduction of technology at the same time, the independent innovation is necessary, so as to produce equipment for the domestic market demand, at the same time learn to combined with the development of science and technology, through advanced high-end technology into the device, can make equipment gradually tends to the direction of high intelligence, high efficiency and high quality.

at present, domestic companies will face a strong foreign competition, domestic enterprises should have the courage to compete, not only in the domestic market competition, more want to take an active part in the international market competition it's relevant enterprises put forward higher requirements for domestic and a broader market space, domestic enterprises should be based on domestic, international, actively participate in the competition.

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