Aluminum foil bag with aluminized bag of differences and discrimination method

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Bags, many varieties in the bags order to aluminum foil bag and aluminized bag made a mistake. Professional produce clothing bags, aluminum foil bags, aluminum plating bags, food bags, cosmetic bags, packing bags of hardware electronic packaging for today let's explain how to distinguish between the aluminum foil bag with aluminized bag. Aluminum foil bag tablet is pure metal aluminum, the thinnest thickness can reach 0. 0065 mm, although this thin look weak, but with plastic composite, the effect is very big. With more than one layer of plastic composite in the future, can travel barrier property of plastic, sealing, incense, shielding, and other functions. And aluminium bag is under high temperature and vacuum, the high purity aluminum evenly on the plastic film, by so besmear is on plastic, aluminum is mainly a decoration effect, marching on material barrier property and not a lot of help. Professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging compiled the following can be the difference between the aluminum foil bag and plating aluminium bag: 1, watch: because of the brightness than aluminum plating bright aluminum foil. Aluminium bag can reflect figure, but extinction film plating of aluminum in the outside, extinction film plating aluminum and aluminum foil very approximate appearance. Can the bag mouth, through the light bag, aluminum foil bag inside not pervious to light, pervious to light is aluminized bag. 2, feel is: aluminum foil bag handle hard thick, heavy, aluminized bag than aluminum foil bag is light and soft handle. 3, folding: aluminum foil bag a brief one fold another dead plait mark, aluminized bag won't fold the dead plait mark. 4, twist twist: aluminum foil bags of coalescence is not easy to rebound after twist twist, aluminum layer cracking is present. Aluminium bag soon after twist twist NiuJieChu will play out. 5, the fire: the aluminum foil to be burned in the fire is not easy to, aluminum layer will rollback, the aluminum foil packing leaves gray aluminum slag after burn. Aluminized bag can present different plastic film when burning fire, no residual aluminum slag. Believe carefully watching the above differences in aluminum foil bag with aluminized bag, you must can discern the aluminum foil bag with aluminized bag.
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