Aluminum foil bag to make the temperature requirements

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Aluminum foil bag in time to make the temperature requirements: - 2019 10 - 23 the aluminum foil bag is a kind of new type of packaging materials, the logistics industry can be widely used in various concentration of packing of the goods, are widely used in foreign trade export, paper, metal, plastic, chemical, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries. In the production of PE stretch film, to the requirement of temperature has a great so what PE stretch film in the production of temperature requirements? Today by packing for everybody introduction: in the process of PE stretch film production, according to the temperature can be divided into the following two steps: 1, the temperature rising in PE stretch film under the premise of not influenced by steam, heating up time should be shortened as far as possible, as long as the continuous evenly to the maintenance of indoor into steam 1 ~ 1. 5 hours. 2, aluminum foil bag body hydration and constant temperature phase constant temperature stage hydrothermal synthesis and the intensity of make important stage of growth. With constant temperature time, to gather more and more natural gas hydrates, strength growth is becoming more and more quickly. But the temperature reaches a certain time, strength growth began to slow. Ratio of different materials, different production process, the gas produced by the piece of blank, there is a corresponding optimal constant temperature time. For example, in 96 ~ 100 ℃ in hot and humid conditions, constant temperature time to spring, autumn is 8 hours, 7 hours, the summer, winter 10 hours. Cooling phase when the large quantity, curing room space is not enough, should open the curing room door, quickly cooling, can lead to PE stretch film to the inner surface temperature difference stress, the surface tension, easy to form micro cracks. So, must control the cooling speed, every 30 minutes of temperature should not exceed 10 ℃; Maintenance of indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not greater than 30 ℃, finished PE stretch film before out of the room. A: on the classification and characteristics of the aluminum foil bag next article: aluminum foil bag packaging aseptic processing how to do
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