Aluminum foil bag packing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
The difference between the aluminum foil bag packing release date: 2019 - 11 - 11 aluminum foil bag packaging is widely used in food packaging, a lot of snack food packaging bags are made of aluminum foil bag, like those Zhou Black Duck duck palm, duck neck, betel nuts, chicken feet, etc. You go to the supermarket, shopping center, leisure food section to browse as soon finds, aluminum foil bag packaging had dominated the half. Why so popular? What's the difference between the aluminum foil bag packaging food? One of different: good shading sex that is all food packaging bags, but the aluminum foil bag with features. Don't let food light, can greatly improve the packaging quality ability, ability to keep food color, aroma and taste. Like aluminum foil bags of high and low temperature resistant, oil resistant incense high separation, the ability of other composite bags are able to realize, have. Different # 2: this is only the aluminum foil bag and beautiful metallic lustre have the characteristics of beautiful silver sheen, make its in a vacuum bag. Because the bag after the vacuum, can fold. Color printing complex design also cannot get show, there were empty. And the aluminum foil bag packing with silver appearance, can rise the good adornment effect. In addition, the silver color background to design more space, inspiration, let the idea of designers a powerful and unconstrained style fully show. How the previous: plastic bags without damage to open next article: to communicate with our manufacturer should pay attention to what details?
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