Aluminum foil bag packaging aseptic processing how to do

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Aluminum foil bag packaging aseptic processing release time: how to do 2019 - 10 - 23 the aluminum foil bag packing has the advantages of other traditional packaging materials have no it, as one of the packaging materials, but also plays a big role in the packaging, it faster than other traditional packaging materials development, using its being used in many areas of life, so using a wide range of aluminum foil bag packaging aseptic processing how when we do, here small make up to share with you: aluminum foil bag after sterilization products is one of the main reasons of secondary pollution, the conventional method of disinfection chemical or physical damage to the packaging quality, compared to the conventional heating disinfection needed low temperature, microwave disinfection effect on product quality, and the member does not cause large. As for the plastic bags kill sterilization technology, mainly for sealed aluminum foil bag. Because the killing sterilization is killed after goods packaging good sterilization disinfection, generally do not use chemical methods. These kill the sterilization technology mainly has the following kinds: 1, hot charging sterilization method, it is a kind of heating to 80 ~ 90 ℃ of food or drink, strike into the hot aluminum foil bag, after sealing, at high temperatures or stored under a certain temperature sterilization method. This kind of treatment method is mainly used for acidic liquid food. 2, cooking sterilization method this method is mainly used in some less acidic foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, etc. Sterilization temperature is 121 ℃ or 134 ℃. Methods is the aluminum foil bag, Cooking bags) Or pressure of high pressure airtight container with steam heating water. According to the different situation of retort pouch in sterilization can be divided into static heating sterilization with rotary heating sterilization. Pressurized high temperature sterilization according to the heating medium is different, and can be divided into saturated steam sterilization, air pressure steam sterilization and pressurized water sterilization. Widely used for saturated steam sterilization, because of the economic and reasonable cost of the way, humidity control is convenient. 3, ultraviolet radiation sterilization after aluminum foil bag packing food or drinks can also through efficient uv light to achieve the purpose of sterilization. When using the law, should inspect the contents of a packet size, how many, and determine the ultraviolet light intensity and time. The previous: aluminum foil bag as required by the temperature in the making a: plastic bag printing need noticed what respect?
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