Aluminum foil bag manufacturers come to the conclusion that the aluminum foil bag leakage

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Aluminum foil bag manufacturers come to the conclusion that the aluminum foil bag leak reason release date: 2019 - 06 - 12 aluminum foil bag manufacturers according to the years of experience and customer feedback to summarize out, one of the causes of the aluminum foil bag leak food in aluminum foil bag packaging bacteria reproduction tend to produce gas, it is one of the reasons for the food the aluminum foil bag up bag. Therefore, before the products leave the factory first to make a thorough sterilization. Second, the food of aluminum foil bag packing seal. Food after bagging, the last procedure to hot pressing sealing bag, and this procedure, the quality of high and low will directly affect the sealing performance of the packaging bags. If the sealing side is lax, will cause the vacuum bags leak, the air will be from aluminum foil bag leakage area penetrating into the aluminum foil bag. This is another cause of the food up bag. As a result of the aluminum foil bag sealing performance and cause food bag leakage, can be found in a timely manner by the way of detection and control packaging quality. The seal tester can be used for testing. Such as vacuum packaging seal is bad, in the testing process can be observed there are air bubbles from the aluminum foil bag sealing side leakage. The test results can help quality control personnel, timely adjustment of production parameters, so as to strictly control the factory of food safety. The previous: vacuum packing bag under the usage of an article: high temperature vacuum bag manufacturer for your clear and frozen vacuum bag
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