Aluminum foil bag characteristics and field application

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Now follow the living standard of people's progress and the development of tourism, such as carbonated drinks, soft drinks, beer or canned food became more and more demand for increased, these are all need modern packaging and decoration, so that the competition in the international market. Recently, in order to adapt to the majority of the market, people developed a plastic film with good sex of shielding or aluminized plastic packaging materials, but its comprehensive function is not remedied and improve the coating and laminating function. Aluminum foil bag is has many good function and more perfect packaging. For aluminum foil has excellent characteristics, it is very suitable for use in food, cigarettes, beverages and pharmaceutical packaging materials; Building insulation, vehicle, building, etc, also can use this material as gold and silver threads used in the decoration and all kinds of printed packaging trademark and so on. In the purpose of the above, tell people the most favored or aluminum foil as the packing material, soft metal film, not only can be moistureproof, incense, airtight, avoid light and avirulent insipidity advantages. And after the composite aluminum foil and plastic film, the strength of the block of aluminum foil and paper, plastic heat sealing, further progress as packing material must be on the water, air, bacteria and ultraviolet shielding function, greatly broaden the application market of aluminum foil. For aluminum foil blocking the chain outside light, water, gas, so as to make the goods can be well protected, for cooking food, use aluminum foil bag used for packaging material at least can make the high quality food in a year or so.
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