Aluminum foil bag breakage cause mildew seal sauce beef tendon

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
Usually we will buy some sealed packaging of cooked food supermarket, home in both as a kind of snacks should we have when snacks are good options. Lives in xian liu buy sauce beef tendon was sealed packaging, can take home only to find that after open the outer packing is inside has gone mouldy. This is how to return a responsibility? Sealing sauce beef tendon occurred mildew supermarket: according to the elimination compensation liu tells a reporter, I was to buy when it is sealed packaging, home and opened the consumption of the vacuum packing bag sauce beef tendon layer nor get a bag, beat. But is already opened eyes like this. Look from the bag, the bag sauce beef tendon production date is May 9, 2014, shopping receipts show liu purchase date on June 19th, from production to liu between buying have only 40 days, the packaging on this product for a period of 12 months, this can not help but to worry the lau, if there is something wrong with the beef. So she hurried to the sellers, wal-mart supermarket reflect the situation, and hope someone can give a reasonable explanation. Lau: consumers & other; After I go to the supermarket to buy the meat, take home after I put it there is a small piece of opened from this place, and then after I ate also did not find, and then I tore the bag big later found that there is such a big green mildew to change, then I will take it to the supermarket there, I want to make a supermarket and merchants together give me a statement, but the supermarket there said according to the national health law a compensate ten back, but you didn't tell me what reason why it's looks like this, so I said wait for vendors to solve this matter together later. ” This morning, the reporter followed liu came to the supermarket together, in the supermarket shelves reporter found that sauce beef tendon can be divided into two kinds, one kind is liu buy opaque packing sauce beef tendon, another is transparent packaging sauce beef tendon on the shelves. Controller tells a reporter, the supermarket goods in stock after they will check one by one, but also just check the outer packing if there is any breakage, a product is on the shelf life. For those, like Ms. Liu to buy this kind of packing sauce beef tendon, they are also very helpless. Wal-mart head: & other; Packed so that we come in to check what is, is the industrial and commercial qualifications do you have any questions, his business license production license, right, these are no problem, so whether in warranty period, the warranty period if he storage conditions permit distribution, we have to do something we should supervision right, as for this kind of problems appeared in the warranty period in plain English who are not willing to see, he doesn't like to see as a manufacturer, this to store might be the problem, the problem of temperature or a foreign body in the packaging when in, no one can guarantee one hundred percent don't have any problem, as for this kind of thing, as our supermarket is also want to give you solve this problem as soon as possible, as soon as possible to give you do a proper processing according to consumers' rights and interests protection law to compensate for you. ” Manufacturer: mildew or caused by aluminum foil bag breakage immediately recall with batch products then the supermarket also contacted the manufacturer, factory director also rushed to the scene to deal with this matter soon. Office in the supermarket, manufacturer sales director of liu buy mildew sauce beef tendon, a careful check, found that inner packing opening there is a broken small mouth. Shaanxi Qin Bao animal husbandry co. , LTD. , bean xiao ni, director of the sales & other; This product is a vacuum packaging, the packaging may be found in the process of packaging, this small leak it inside the microorganisms can produce change then it is not the original one with good quality effect, the inside of the meat will be moldy, but this because is double packing, which we can't see it, when the salesman selling including their supermarket at the time of the inspection, they just see our warranty or qc reports he could see inside the meat directly, so lead to this phenomenon. ” Manufacturer sales director, told reporters that due to the aluminum bag after freezing can harden, easily broken, plus you would when buying to knead, packaging bags broken so it's easy to happen, once broken will lose the function of quality, sauce beef tendon arises because the situation of the mould. Finally find out the reason, liu is also a sigh of relief, but in the other goods will also appear similar problems, manufacturers are also given in response to this. Shaanxi Qin Bao animal husbandry co. , LTD. , bean xiao ni, director of the sales & other; On May 9, this batch of meat all the shelves back to the factory. ” Reporter: & other; Xi 'an city? ” Shaanxi Qin Bao animal husbandry co. , LTD. , bean xiao ni, director of the sales & other; All right, xi 'an city, soon, I'll call and let them after all inside the mall can within three days, because the store is more than one point three days put this batch of goods is finished. ” Although bought mildew sauce beef tendon, but to see such a positive response, liu for processing results also feel satisfied. Here we also want to remind consumers, when buying aluminum foil packaging of food, be sure to check carefully, keep good shopping receipts, if I buy food home appear similar situation, you should go to the supermarket with the receipts and sample a negotiated solution.
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