Aluminum foil bag application prospect

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07

aluminum foil, commonly known as & other; Tin foil & throughout; , is rolling press flat ingot aluminum extrusion out of an aluminum rolling material, the thickness is between 0. 001mm-0. Between 2 mm, tin tin foil to really early, but because of tin foil more aluminum foil hard, tin taste and will be retained in the food, add tinfoil melting point is lower, not suitable for grilled or baked goods, limited its application in food packaging. 【 Aluminum foil bags 】

the most common applications in the field of food packaging aluminum foil, it is a soft metal film, has moisture-proof corrosion, airtight shading, incense, non-toxic tasteless, can the advantages of fresh food for a long time, to the aluminum foil packing butter can make butter to extend shelf life than foil two to three months, the thickness of aluminum foil in the general food bags for only 6. 5μ m( Micron) , aluminum thin layer has waterproof, maintain food freshness and prevent bacteria and outside pollution prevention function, because this equipment accepts the favour of food packaging business.

aluminum foil production history can be traced back to the early 20th century, 1900 years ago, people through the arduous arduous hammer technology to small batch production of aluminum foil, over the past one hundred years, scientists constantly improve production technology and equipment, to foil more and more thin, also is able to significantly increase production, broadens the application field of aluminum foil, by the early chocolate and butter paper, to the present development to the beverage packaging, bottle caps, cigarette case, aluminum foil balloon, etc.

in addition to food, the other can not be ignored is the application field of pharmaceutical packaging, mainly reflected in blister packaging, this is western medicine capsule at present the main way of packing. Blister packaging has the advantages of moisture, easy to carry and safety and health, which can effectively protect the drug is more sensitive to the environment. In 2011, according to Boston consulting report, China's packaging industry annual demand for 350000 tons of aluminum foil, consumption in 2020 is expected to more than 900000 tons, to the need of medicine with the foil of the most obvious. As traditional Chinese medicine tablet, powder, capsule the pill from the paper bag, plastic bags to the aluminum-plastic blister packaging, and gradually step into aging society, China pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil market will be more broad.

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