Aluminum bag printing enterprise diversification management question

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise to be diversified, will inevitably encounter problems. In general, the compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise diversification encountered problem is as follows: the compound aluminum foil bag printing companies, diversification has both of the commonness of industry enterprise diversification, also want to consider the environment and the characteristics of the industry, combined with the actual enterprise planed and orderly way to carry out the advance and development stage. At the same time, you have to realize that not all companies to uphold the diversification strategy, specialization and diversification are two forces to promote the development of printing industry, choose specialization or diversification path of compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprises there is no shortage of successful examples, the key is to find suitable for the development strategy of the enterprise itself. Even if the enterprises to choose the diversification strategy, also want to pay attention to the balance of specialization and diversification, grasp the pluralistic & other C & throughout; 。 Printing industry in our country after reform and opening up 30 years of rapid development, the annual output has more than 7000 one hundred million yuan. At the same time, a number of state-owned enterprises under the support of the government to grow or set up the enterprise group; A number of private enterprises grow rapidly, become annual sales income is one billion yuan of above with large-scale enterprises; There are a number of foreign-funded enterprises as China's printing industry has brought new vitality. With the enlargement of the scale, especially the part of the success of the enterprise, some compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise with a diversified financing conditions. Combined with printing production capacity expansion in recent years, the pressure of competition, leading to industry as a whole the profitability of a downward trend, part of the compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise began to search in the related fields of printing or other industries better profit opportunities. Employed in the practice of the enterprise, some larger compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprises have begun the exploration of diversification, have achieved good effect. As the impact of digital media on traditional publications market increasingly highlight, part is engaged in the publication printing enterprise, begin to enter packaging printing or ticket printing field, there are also some compound aluminum foil bag packaging printing enterprises in publications printing and general commercial printing. Another diversified situation is vertical integration, such as compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise to equipment, equipment, design, and publishing field. Go further diversified common in large compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise or printing of the listed company, its foray into areas such as packaging, machinery, food processing, and even real estate, and many other industries. Overall, the diversification of compound aluminum foil bag printing enterprise mainly belong to the related diversification, the use of enterprise in publications printing or packaging printing in the areas of core competence, competitive advantage and related industry knowledge and experience, in the printing related packaging, machinery, equipment, design, publishing, cultural goods manufacturing, cultural creativity, and other fields expand, to develop diversified.
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