Aluminium bag, aluminum foil bag what is the difference and characteristics?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Aluminium bag, aluminum foil bag what is the difference and characteristics? Bags in the market at present, functional packaging, active packaging, intelligent packaging is a trend of prosperity, into the merchant's food counter, with its unique glamour seductive, brought prosperity to operator's operation and convenience. The personage inside course of study thinks, the new food packaging, not only shows the world packaging and food machine line of new products and new technology industry, promote the industry technology progress, and it is more important is to make the quality of the food from inside to outside are secured, solved the difficult to transport over long distances, not easy preservation, and many other factors, meet the needs of the operators and consumers. Expert analysis, a new type of food packaging will always be favored, its prospects well. Then introduce aluminium coated by the packing bag, aluminum foil bag what is the difference and characteristics: aluminized bag features: 1, with metallic luster, adornment sex is strong, but had not the strength of the aluminum foil is low, can't bend faults, declining after many times of flexure barrier property. 2, greatly improve the barrier property of plastic film, excellent oxygen resistance, water resistance, avoid light, uv and infrared light. 3, aluminum plating remained after the physical properties of the base material. Of course many physical and mechanical properties after membrane plating aluminum or up a lot of changes. 4, aluminum plating thickness reaches a certain, the film base material with electromagnetic shielding. 5, aluminum plating layer is not water resistant, especially hot water and steam. The characteristics of aluminum foil bag: 1, the aluminum foil membrane also has a good sense of metal, is away from light, heat and light have higher reflection ability, metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of the color printing. 2, good barrier property, strong protection line, not for gas and water vapor. To prevent moisture absorption, gasification is installed inside, susceptible to bacteria and insects. 3, from cost, pure aluminium bag than aluminized bag's price is higher. 4, on the performance, the pure aluminium bag of moisture, the cooling effect is better than aluminium bag, bag of pure aluminum completely away from light, aluminized bag is shading effect. 5, from the use of pure aluminium bag is more suitable for pumping air into vacuum state, such as cooked food, meat products, and aluminized bag suitable for tea, powder, electronic parts, etc. Put the bag in the face of the light or the sun, can see light through the bag is coated with aluminum foil, invisible is pure aluminum foil. 。
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