After mask packaging: apply the mask to don't wash your face?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
As the living condition is getting better and better, the inertia of people is becoming more and more strong. After a lot of people apply face film will want to directly to sleep, the second day morning to wash again. The hydrating mask out to wash a face? If you are still responsible for your skin, quickly come to see. Hydrating mask out to wash a face? Hydrating mask out to wash a face? Of course need to wash your face. Because, after a hydrating mask, the mask of the essence and basically skin to absorb nutrients has absorbed all of the others are absorbing the essence of the composition and the mask adsorption dirt. Hydrating mask after washing a face, not just in order to clean the face, or in order to make the skin better breathing, and absorb the nutrition and essence in basic skin care products in the next. Hydrating mask: why do you want to wash? Hydrating mask to wash, because the mask itself contains a lot of the essence and concentrate, if we don't clean essence concentrate clean, clean other skin care products, directly affects the skin to absorb other skin care products. And this time the face of the essence contains certain skin waste and dirty things, don't wash the face for a long time, easy to cause sensitive skin. And people's sensitive skin originally, long red class will easily happen. Hydrating mask. The essence of a lot? Generally good hydrating mask after, there are a lot of face film wrapping and face the essence of the residual, this time is washed, feel lost or are waste. In fact, we can use mask off later, stomach gently back and forth, up and down to facial massage, let the essence better absorbed. On the premise of waste not, can let the skin absorb how much is how much. Generally a 2 - massage 3 minutes is about the same, then the remaining essence concentrate is the skin too. The sleep mask need to wash? As now people lazy sex increases, more and more people are in love with sleep mask. After washing a face mask, you can sleep, the second day morning in the face. Actually sleep mask for the night is very bad to the skin. Sleep mask is usually mud or gel shape are thick, apply after, if you don't wash one night, will not only increase the burden to the skin, can also affect the nighttime breathing and skin metabolism. Especially oily skin person can easily clogged pores long blain blain.
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