According to the product features to choose the suitable vacuum bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
According to the product features to choose the suitable vacuum bags release date: 2019 - 04 - 27 in the face of a variety of packaging materials and different features of the product, how to choose the suitable vacuum packing material has been the problem to be solved in actual production application. Below small make up for everyone to analysis the different types of products should be how to choose the vacuum packing bag. Because different products for different requirements of packaging materials, so according to product features to make the material choice, specific include: whether or not easy metamorphism, lead to bad factors ( Light, water or oxygen, etc. ) , product shape, product surface hardness, storage conditions, the sterilization temperature, etc. A good vacuum bag, don't have to have a lot of function, but to see whether it is suitable for the product. Soft products: 1, shape rules or surface for shape or surface of soft products, such as sausages products, bean products, need not require material of high mechanical strength, only need to consider the barrier property of material and the sterilization temperature effect on the material. So, for such products, the general structure of OPA/PE bags. If you need high temperature sterilization ( More than 100 ℃) , can use OPA/CPP structure, or to use high temperature resistant of PE as the heat sealing layer. 2, high surface hardness of products: this kind of product, such as bone products due to their high surface hardness and have hard protuberant, easy to Pierce in the process of vacuum and transport packaging, so the packing bag of this kind of product needs to have good durability spines and buffer performance, choice of PET/PA/PE or OPET/OPA/CPP material vacuum bag. If the product weight under 500 g, you can try to use OPA/OPA/the structure of the PE bag, the bag has good product adaptability, vacuum effect is better, at the same time will not change the shape of the products. 3, perishable products: low temperature meat products such as easy metamorphism and need low temperature sterilization products on the strength of the packaging requirements is not high, but it demands of its, has the very good barrier property, so you can choose pure co-extrusion film, such as PA/EVOH/PE/PA/PE film structure, also can use dry after way, such as PA/PE film, also can use K coating material. High temperature products can use PVDC shrink bag or dry compound bag. The characteristics of the previous: giant aluminum foil bag and use scope: next article we pay attention to when using the self-styled bag?
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