About the hard knowledge of composite bags, do you know?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Good packaging can bums and the whole marketing, also makes a little-known small brands, a jump to a known as the dark horse, more firmly catch the user's heart. Maybe you think the packing is the most common in the daily, most general kind of goods, but there is no denying that almost all of the things cannot leave the packaging! Packaging material decides the function of packaging, from traditional development to today's new materials, is in order to better play to the function of packaging. Today, composite bags in packaging bearing is no substitute, this kind of packing of all kinds of plastic film, aluminum foil, paper and other properties of different base material rolling composite processing and packaging materials, once used, the loose instead of the traditional packaging bearing, also more and more extensively used. The packing bag of you every day in what? Security is not safe? Your product should choose what kind of packing? Today, the major source of flexible packaging manufacturers shunxing packaging is to interpret the common characteristic of the composite bags, base material and the use. 1, the characteristics of the so-called composite bags, composite bags is to use two or more different nature of the flexible packaging material, material combinations of then can give full play to the new type of high utility packaging components material interests. It can play the film's interest, beat their defects, composite can gain more interest after packaging materials, can meet the requirements of a variety of products. Follow material processing technology, composite bags now are varied, the different function, compared with other packaging materials, its primary characteristics are as follows: 1. Quality of light, transparent, soft; 2. Excellence is air tightness and heat sealing; 3. Can be moistureproof, prevent gas, uv light, excellent heat resistance, cold resistant function; 4. Excellence and the specification of safe sex, chemical stability, has excellent resistance to chemical medicine temperament and prevent grease; 5. Tear resistance, resistance to acupuncture, fatigue resistance, impact resistant, resistant to conflict, prevent aging; 6. Excellent mechanical processing eligibility; 7. Printing is exquisite, the visual experience. Composite packaging bags have the quality light, soft, less waste, easy to processing molding, occupies small space, low capital and capital effectiveness The volume of unit weight of the packing and weight) High interest, can meet the needs of most products & ndash; — Especially in clothing, hardware, food packaging requirements. 2, composite packaging substrate selected composite with base material is the first element of selection of composite film properties. Composite with base material selected depends on the packaging requirements, composite material and the properties of monolayer film, the use of other, consider the source of material, to achieve scientific, accurate and reasonable selection, to meet the needs of different package contents. Characteristics of the composite plastic is the first element of choosing composite film properties, composite film base material selection priority depends on the following elements: first 1. The characteristics of composite film; 2. The characteristics of built-in objects; 3. The nature of the monolayer film; 4. Product packaging is suitable for price, etc. On the basis of all of these elements, composite packaging materials to choose the suitable way and adhesive layer. 3, the use of composite packaging composite packaging bags first for the clothing accessories, hardware, food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other products packaging, in recent years, the global demand for composite bags has always maintained a rapid turn over. Composite bags to categories of the base material of heavy and complicated, the base material of commonly used are: high density, medium density, low density polyethylene film ( HDPE、MDPE、LDPE) , stretching and stretching polypropylene film ( BOPP、CPP) , polyester film ( PET) , PVC film, PVC) , polyvinylidene chloride film ( PVDC) , nylon membrane ( 纽约) And so on. Common type of composite bags are: paper/plastic composite, plastic/plastic composite, aluminium/plastic composite, etc. Composite base material layer can be two, three, four layers and five layers or more. According to the types of composite plastic film base material and thickness, layer number and order, and composite method, can make many kinds of composite packaging bags. Today, with personalized packaging is also now a lot of work needs to change direction, and help enterprises understand climate policy the consumption demand of customers for experience, looking to see what they think of images, and in combination with its own brand tonal, to design the packaging. And a variety of characteristics of composite bags, depth can meet the requirements of enterprise. Good packaging not only has the function of protection products, with the size, shape, visual composition, clarify and use, and so on have very big help, then the value of travel products, set up the prestige of the brand. There is no doubt that if you want to do the product packaging, choose features significant composite bags is equivalent to a set of sophisticated marketing tool.
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