A red bag two production date is a misprint or expired for sale?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
Recently, Ms. Li of Xiao Lin town in linxi sanjiang supermarket next to the farmer's market to buy bags & other; Yi jia & friends throughout; Brand red jujube, get home only to find that there were two production date on red bags, and time is different also, to an earlier calculations, expiration dates have passed. Ms. Li told reporters, because the daughter love to eat red jujube, then go to the supermarket to buy a bag, spent 88 yuan. But the next day the husband was at the red jujube packaging, only to find that there is something wrong with the date of production: & other; Bags have two different production date, on the top right corner write 2013/11/08, top left from right to left to see like 2012/11/08; But look from the bag opposite, is still a 2013/11/08. ” A bag of red jujube two production date, which is correct? Ms. Lee worry, dare not eat expired food, take red jujube intact to the supermarket for claim. Supermarket staff saw red jujube after packaging, this explanation: manufacturers printing appear this kind of circumstance may be wrong, but does not affect the edible, if ms li want to retreat, can according to the original price refunded. But ms li don't agree with this approach. “ General normal manufacturer production of food packaging is only one production date, and look very clear. Why the bags will be printed with two production date, and look from the front and there are significantly different. Supermarket shelves such food, it is irresponsible for consumers. ” Ms. Lee asked supermarkets to & other; A compensate ten & throughout; The way to solve, but were refused by the supermarket party. The two sides do not talk things over, find the Xiao Lin is industrial. Industrial workers, after carefully distinguish think it should be the same date, manufacturers in the printing production date may be a little situation, red jujube has not expired. , reporter also saw the red jujube package found because parts of packaging color difference, the upper left corner of the production date is not very clear, in the year & other; 3' Looks like & other; 2' , but from opposite the packet or 2013/11/08. For two production date printed on food package, food circulation regulation division weng city industrial and commercial bureau chief, said only a general food packaging production date, but there is no specific provision in the relevant legal provisions can not be printed two; If there are two different production date, that the food must be have a problem. In the case of ms li met, weng analysis section chief also said that manufacturers in the printing is likely to be caused by the non-standard operation, but the supermarket for such a situation to do goods shelves immediately. As for Ms. Lee to supermarkets and other A compensate ten & throughout; Requirement, weng section chief says, not all of the consumer rights can apply & other; A compensate ten & throughout; , how specific compensation also scored the specific circumstances. Weng section chief warns customer, when buying food, carefully look at the outside packaging production date, shelf life and so on related content. Merchants in the process of food stock shelves, should also be strictly controlled, to avoid a similar situation. At present, sanjiang supermarket has the same will happen & other Yi jia & friends throughout; Do the shelves brand red jujube.
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