7 kinds of plastic bags commonly used materials

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
In daily life, we come into contact with the plastic bags every day, and it is an essential part of our life an important component. However, there are few friends to understand plastic packaging material. You know what plastic bags commonly used material? Below small make up to you to introduce: plastic bags commonly used material, as follows: 1, PE plastic polyethylene ( 聚乙烯PE) Vinyl, PE for short, is to buy addition polymerization of macromolecular organic compounds, is the world recognized the good food contact materials. Polyethylene moisture, oxygen, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, conform to the food packaging hygiene standards, known as & other Plastic flower & throughout; The laudatory name. 2, PO plastic bags PO plastic ( 聚烯烃) , is referred to as 'PO, polyolefin copolymer, is made up of olefin single polymer system. Opaque, crisp, non-toxic, often do the PO, PO vest bags, flat pockets especially PO plastic bags. 3, PP plastic bags made of PP plastic bag with PP material and made into plastic bags, the commonly used color printing, offset printing technology, colour and lustre bright-coloured, is stretching polypropylene plastic, belongs to a kind of thermoplastic plastics. Non-toxic, tasteless, smooth surface, transparent. 4, OPP plastic bags of OPP plastic bags material is polypropylene, two-way polypropylene, whose character is easy to burn, molten drop, yellow blue, away from the fire and smoke less, continue to burn. With high transparency, brittle, good sealing, anti-counterfeiting strong sexual characteristics. 5, the PPE plastic bags the PPE plastic bags is to produce PP and PE products, this product has the dustproof, anti bacteria, moistureproof, prevent oxidation, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic tasteless, high transparency, strong mechanical performance, high blast resistance and puncture resistance characteristics of tear resistance. 6, Eva plastic bags Eva plastic bags ( Grinding sandbag) Is the main polyethylene tension and linear material on, the raw material, containing 10% EVA material. Good transparency, oxygen insulation, moistureproof, printing bag body of bright, shiny, can try to highlight the characteristics of the product itself, ozone resistance, flame retardant and other features. 7, PVC plastic PVC material with frosted glass, ordinary transparent, super transparent, environmental protection, low toxicity, environmental non-toxic materials, 6 p does not contain phthalates and other standards) , as well as hard and soft rubber. With health and safety, durable and beautiful and practical, delicate appearance, style variety, etc, use very convenient. Many high-end products manufacturers generally choose PVC bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product grade. The above introduction, the content of the plastic bags commonly used some of the material. When the choice, we can according to their actual needs to choose the right material to produce the plastic bags.
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