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by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
Spring add energy to eat dried fruit is a kind of good method. After the Spring Festival, dried fruit prices, let many people sigh to afford. Dried fruit prices are well known, however, the same dried fruit, in different places to sell, the price gap is very wide. On March 18th morning, reporters visited several large supermarkets and understands the farmer's market, the same quality of dried fruit, the price of per kilogram is generally higher than the farmer's market more than 20 yuan. One jin of pistachio nuts, nearly twice as expensive on March 17 afternoon, ms xu told reporters in self reflection zone development zone citizens spend 130 yuan to buy a large supermarket for two jins pistachios, then go to a farmers' market, found that no more than the quality of oneself buy pistachios, at a farmers' market after bargaining just 35 dollars can buy a kilo, with less than 65 yuan a kilo before almost double the price. “ Supermarket packing is really better than wholesale market, and supermarket business cost is higher, but close to double the price difference is a little too big. ” Ms xu told reporters, & other; Want to know the merchants of the farmer's market is also making money, so I think the supermarket price is a little higher. ” Development zone of zhao usually like to eat dried fruits, often buy some pistachio nuts, pine nuts and cashew nuts home. Because often buy, zhao very understand for the price of dried fruit. “ Dried fruit prices have not cheap, I usually go to a farmers' market to buy now, the price is cheaper, the quality is not worse than I used to buy in the supermarket. Flavor and quality about the same, the only difference is the supermarket packing should be much better than the farmer's market. ” Mr Zhao told reporters in an interview. ” Dried fruit supermarket prices generally on the high side Sunday morning reporters visiting survey the development of several large supermarkets and farmers' markets, found that both in bulk and packaging of dried fruit, the farmer's market price is generally lower than the supermarket. The reporter understands in the survey, the farmer's market of pistachio nuts price mostly in 40 yuan per kilogram, almond prices in 35 yuan, cashew nuts in 40 yuan price, price of pine nuts in 50 yuan, but the farmer's market dried fruit shop boss tells a reporter, if buy more than the number of some cheap 5 yuan per kilogram. Supermarket pistachio nuts and cashew nuts in bulk prices are generally about 65 yuan per kilogram, almond in 56 yuan. Also are bulk dried fruit, the reporter discovers through taste smell and there is not much difference. And as some sealed packaging of dried fruit prices are higher, pistachio nuts, for example, 100 grams of pistachios can sell for $20, so down through the packaging, the price of pistachio nuts can reach 100 yuan per catty, than before 40 yuan price more than doubled. Journalists in the survey also found that the supermarket shelves on hang bags of dried fruit most manufacturers are Qingdao, rarely origin of dried fruit sold outside the province. A snack food store staff told reporters, huangdao most dried fruits are from outside the province into, and then in the Qingdao packaging, compared with the packaging of dried fruit in bulk dried fruit just lack of packaging process, the difference of dried fruit itself is not big. Why price difference so datong samples dried fruit, why the price gap so big? A supermarket staff told reporters that packaging of dried fruit high price is mainly because of exquisite packaging, and other Small package of dried fruit are selects high quality raw materials and fine processing, unlike the bulk of dried fruits, often eat out bad. Taste is much better than in bulk, and seal packaging not only easy to carry, can also make dried fruit stored longer. ” By investigating the reporter understands, the dried fruit of a farmers' market better, cheaper shipping, are sold by jin of packaging, the packaging cost is low, and the farmer's market in the leasing and operation cost is much lower than supermarkets and a variety of stores, dried fruit shop is mostly runs his own boss, do not need to hire a clerk, as a result, the cost is much lower than that in supermarket, it is the reason caused the supermarkets and farmers markets dried fruit price gaps. The personage inside course of study suggested that the quality of nuts, if the consumption is bigger, to the farmer's market, after the scene to try best to choose good taste, high is the bulk of nuts. If small package of choose and buy nuts, you'd better see the back of the packaging manufacturer, address and other information, according to actual needs, to the agricultural wholesale markets or supermarkets, store the choose and buy.
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