3-side production which steps need to pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Step three edge sealing vacuum bag making is divided into 14, interlocking, be short of one cannot. In this paper, the step 14 bag making process. 1, the premise of making three edge sealing vacuum bags: use on the rack, through a cylinder control core slide up and down, convenient loading, drum with screw QQ to death. After feeding with a low pressure bag wide bundle of membrane. Roll rotate counterclockwise. 2, the tail stock rubber roller, two roller compaction, by its rotation, driven by a small motor traction film. 3, receiving rubber roller, up and down two root, take turns to replace material. 4, make the trilateral vacuum bag in the middle of the process, for printing steps: press up and down in front of the two iron roller, the feeding and discharging. Before iron roller track machine, until the swinging error of tracing material, control the printing error range within 1 mm. 5, shutter, generally with the mat or plastic, mainly as a material, the effect of tension control. After the cursor a inductance, detect the presence of thin film to control tail ahead of rubber roller motor running and stop. There is stop, without moving. 6, suspension plate: stainless steel, flat membrane, prevent the bag to fold, to ensure the function of the size, so the suspension plate to be flat. Film can be put above the light item flatten thin film. 7, light eyes: by tracking the three edge sealing of the vacuum bag printing color is not change to control the length of the bag, the cutting position, length and color mark. Light eyes can move through the before and after the adjustment screw on both ends, light eyes stopped a correct ( 2 - 3毫米) 。 Can is opposite the film in light eyes beneath the mat of blank increase its sensitivity. If the design is complicated, also can cushion paper on design, guarantee the light square design in a straight line, and no other color, pattern interference. Eye one light: (1) a flat line. (2) pattern before no other interference, otherwise affect eye parking light. Eight, three edge-sealing bag is the most important step: sealing seal knife is triangular, at each end with a set of roller, ensure the film in the sealing knife straight run. Pad knife roller for heat resistant silicone roller in general. His sword and have a layer of heat-resistant tape on silica gel roller. Has two copper tile on both ends of the sealing knife, accused of sealing knife up and down, control so here often should add lubricating oil. 9, tool change cloth: first use sandpaper sealing knife; On both sides of the knife it in the middle of the knife, in cast, avoid knife cloth there is air bubble, drape, otherwise it will lead to seal. 10, if 3-side make the top ten steps have the error level bar: can be used to control by adjusting screw rod of iron, and adjust the position of film cutting. Spring: 11, corrugated roller, avoid electrostatic membrane bound roller, one special motor control of its operation. Sealing knife before and after cutting knife has a special electrostatic removal equipment ( There is a row of iron needle) on a hardcore, 。 12, 3-side the final step is to use knife to cut with two cutter, cutting the fixed knife, blade angled up 5 & deg; Angle of the left and right sides, depend on the falling knife cutting thin film. For cast iron of the blade and knife with lubricating oil. Can adjust the cutter clamping screw to control its and incised knife contact distance before and after. 13, folding, folding three, bag making machine automatic folding. If you words out when the customer request packaging, roll-up, drum is clockwise. If word took, roll-up, drum is counterclockwise. 14, 3-side can pack the goods for this time, can according to customer requirements packaging, packed in plastic bags or cartons |
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