15 tons of red jujube jujube bags: 'free-ride' was found

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
15 tons of red jujube and other & free-ride throughout; Is suspected of infringement of registered trademark and checked the packing bag of xinjiang famous red jujube, but counterfeiters who ignored the packing bag of small change. Recently, meters east industrial and commercial bureau and public security bureau joint law enforcement, according to the detail, seized a processing production in xinjiang famous big jujube black sites. On April 4, meters east industrial and commercial bureau received reports, Old English sheepdog to town big city village, residents within the courtyard, in jujube processing and packaging. Night 8 PM, when the joint law enforcement groups of residents into the courtyard, in front of the ranch house piled over ten box packing good big jujube is processing, printing on packing and other Kunlun mountains, xinjiang hetian jade dates & throughout; Words, in the room, there is a big jujube cleaning pool, some just cleaned jujube could packaging, wall built around the simple packaging machines, lay on the ground has been packaged jujube and into a stack of bags. “ This is our the packing bag of 2010, more than 2011 of the bags we adjust, such as a green food sign on the new packaging. ” That night with team rushed to the scene of xinjiang hetian kunlun mountain date industry co. , LTD. , head Wang Fuxian said. In the work to be a worker, said he is mainly responsible for the packing of the jujube, jujube is divided into four different levels of production, the price of each level is divided into different, with slightly less than the market price of the authentic xinjiang kunlun mountains jade dates for sale, has sold two tons. “ Here mainly encapsulation quality low red jujube, posing as hetian jade jujube, their behavior is now preliminary investigation for alleged infringement of the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark and we will further investigation into the case. ” Meters east industrial and commercial bureau inspection team of the market economy Ye Erjiang said. On the same day, law enforcement personnel of the department has completed the packing jujube processing and packaging of jujube, about 15 tons.
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