PE Shrink Film
PE Shrink Film
* Width: 100 mm-2400 mm transverse tear strength: Frequency 40 kN/m
* Thickness: 20 μ M-250 μ M longitudinal: Frequency 40 kN/m
* TD shrinkage rate: 20%-55% tensile strength horizontal: Quartile 12 MPa
   MD shrinkage rate: 55%-85% longitudinal: Quartile 12 MPa
* Shrinkage temperature: 150-240 centigrade quartile elongation at 200%
* Features: Good toughness, puncture resistance, can substitute the carton packaging. Shrinkable film packaging can adhere packaging materials, show the modelling of goods, beautification commodity, can make smaller packaging or scattered goods to big closely packed commodities, easy to transport.
   Usage: in food, beverage, mineral water bottle, textile, medicine, chemical industry building materials to the packing of the products.