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Good chips bags can be of high barrier property with high better oil resistance. The sun can not do any effect for it and demand of beautiful gravure printing on it is totally accepted.

The packaging material used in general potato chips can also be called laminated bags, which are made by the composition of printed layer, aluminum barrier and heat seal layer. So we can know the foodstuff is not contacted with the aluminum layer directly but with some other more secure plastic material.

Generally, this kind of product itself is relatively more fat and easier to oxidize. such as the rancidity of the oil. In order to guarantee the shelf life of the product, it has a higher demand for the barrier of packaging materials. Aluminum is widely recognized in the world as a material with excellent ductility and barrier properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of food packaging.

Under the light, some fluorescent bright spots in potato chips bag will be visible to the naked eye. Fluorescent brighteners have radiation effect on human body and even contribute to cancers. If it infiltrates into the food, or enters the body through the mouth, skin and so on, it will have an effect on health. Excessive levels of benzene in potato chips bag can also cause harm to humans.

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